Weed Grabber Tool

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Quickly remove weeds in minutes, no longer kneel or bend down to pull the weeds off the ground at once, the small size makes it easy to store and carry, does not take up space, Weed grabber tool it’s a good household helper.


  • High-Quality Bearings: The wheels of the weeder are equipped with high-quality bearings, smoothly pushing and pulling, and can quickly pull the weeds in the gap. Just put the weeder on the cracks in the overgrown weeds or the cracks in the driveway, use the grab and pull technique to hook the weeds, and pull them out from the roots to remove the stubborn weeds in the cracks.
  • Adjustable Connector & Easy to Use: The connector of the weeding accessory is adjustable, and it can be adjusted and fixed by just turning the screw. You can choose the long or short handle according to your desired posture and comfortable state. Anyone can choose a suitable handle according to their height (handles are not included).
  • Stand-Up Weeder: This stand-up weeder makes you no longer kneel or bend down to pull the weeds off the ground, and immediately pull the weeds off the ground easily (the handle is not included in the package), and beginners can use it safely and comfortably.
  • Not Taking Up Space: It is powerful and small in size, light and convenient, not cumbersome, and does not occupy the space of the tool room at home. It is a good helper for household cleaning and beauty.
  • Widely Used Weeder: Manual weeding gardening tools can reduce weeds in cracks anywhere, and can be used in gardens, front lanes, alleys, sidewalks, decks, and other places to keep your courtyard clean, tidy, and beautiful.



Material: iron+pp

Handle Material: Metal
Body Material: Carbon Steel





Packing List:

- 1* Weeding Tool

- Handles are not included.