CurlyHair™ Wireless Curler

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  •  Effortless Curls In Half The Time

    The self-rotating hair curler can curl your hair effortlessly in a few seconds...

    For a long-lasting all-day effect, keeping your hair looking flawless.

    Ditch the traditional curling irons that are heavy, hot & don’t hold your curls.

    Easy To Use & Portable

    All you have to do is place your hair in the chamber and...

    Just simply press the button and watch as your hair effortlessly falls into perfect curls.

    It's also easy to carry when traveling, and can curl your hair anytime and anywhere!

    Save Time & Money

    Traditional methods like using hot iron or going to a salon can be very time-consuming!

    It could take you normally 3 - 5 hours just to get the curls you want, that's crazy!

    Not to mention how expensive these methods can be, every salon trip can easily cost $50 - $200 dollars each time!

    Think about that… that's over $2,000 a year!

    Perfect For Short & Long Hair

    Our hair curling device is perfect for anyone looking to take their hair game to the next level.

    Specially designed with everyone in mind, it doesn't matter if you have long hair or short hair, or even thick hair.

    We have thought about it all.. and made it the perfect solution for everyone!

    Safe & Effective

    Gone are the days when you burned yourself with a hot iron…

    Ceramic curl chambers protect your hand and skin from hurt, safe to use.

    Professional tourmaline ceramic technology and vegetable protein coating help to seal moisture into your hair and protect cuticles.

    Our Guarantee 

    We take great care in designing our products, we know you will love our products so much we want to stand behind them.

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