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3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy
3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy

3D Tetris Board Puzzle Game Toy

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Click here for more detailed rules of the game about Tetris Tower >>> Tetris Tower game rules
You can also view the rules of the game at the bottom of the page

🎈Tetris puzzle game toy is a great family game that combines strategic thinking and intense competition into one adrenaline-packed experience. 
You can play either alone or against one other player.

🎈Flashing electronic lights and high-tech sounds will guide you as you build this incredible 3D Tetris puzzle games toy. Compete with yourself or another player against the clock, selecting Tetris building blocks to build lines and collect points.

🎈The game features music from the original "Tetris" game and will randomly choose pieces that you must play. 

🎈It can still be used as a building block to form any pattern you want and become your child’s educational toy.

Object of the Game

Link Tetris building blocks of the same color into groups of 3 or more to earn points. Block opponents from linking their Tetriminos. When the tower is full, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Tetris box: 2-4 Players, Ages 3+, Average Play Time = 15 Minutes

3D Tetris puzzle game toy plays very similarly to Tetris, except that your goal is to score more points than everyone else playing.  All players will be sharing the same field, so different colored Tetris pieces (called Tetris building blocks) will be stacked on top of each other, jockeying for position.  Let’s take a quick look at the components and gameplay before heading into the review.


Tetris box – This serves as the main playing field, where players will be dropping their Tetriminos.  The tower has built-in score markers/sliders to help players keep track of their real-time scores.

Tetris building blocks – These are the pieces that players will be dropping into the tower.

Die – The die has stickers of all of the Tetris building blocks types.  Whichever shape is rolled by the current player is the piece that they must play.  The 3D Tetris puzzle games toy sticker serves as a wild card, allowing players to choose whichever Tetris building blocks they wish.


  • Name: 3D Tetris Board
  • Material: PVC (Environmental, No poison, No smelling) 
  • Age: 3+ yrs
  • Color: Red, Yellow
  • Size: 23 x 19.8 x 5 CM / 9"x 7.8" x 2"


  • 1x Tetris Board
  • 1x Dice
  • 70x Tetris


This is a very simple game.  A player rolls the die and puts the appropriate piece into the tower through its top.

Players have rewarded points if they manage to do the following:

1) Link three of their Tetris building blocks together, in which case they earn three points.

2) Add a Tetris building block to an existing chain of three or more, in which case they earn an additional point.

3) Connect a group of one or two Tetris building blocks to another larger chain results in the player earning a point for each Tetris building blocks that was added to the larger chain.  Players don’t score points for Tetris building blocks that they’ve already scored on, so if you link a group of three and another group of three together using a separate piece, you’d only get one point.

Players lose points for leaving empty spaces under their Tetris building blocks…one point per empty space.  Players will never lose more than two points in one turn.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.  The game ends when players are unable to place any more Tetris building blocks without them overflowing over the top. 

The components are positive overall.  The colors stand out and the game itself will catch your eye from across the room.  Cleaning up everything took less than a minute, as all we had to do was turn the board upside down, sort the pieces, and place them in their own baggies.  This is a quick, pick up and play kind of game and would serve well for those not able to commit to a longer game.  Its simplicity allows younger kids to get into the fun, though the pieces should be kept away from pets and smaller kids lest they feel like chewing on them.

I played a lot of Tetris as a kid.  I specifically remember being in the back seat of one of my parent’s cars, holding my Game Boy up over my head so that the headlights of the car behind us would allow me to see what I was doing.  Those of you who grew up in the Xbox / PS2 era might be smirking, but that’s how we rolled in the early 90’s.

All in all, I recommend 3D Tetris puzzle games toy for parents looking for a simple game to play with their kids.  Not everyone will enjoy its somewhat simplistic gameplay, but I found it to be an adequate alternative to Blokus.  This game will make you think a little, and as long as you go in with the expectation and understanding that this is a light strategy game, I think you will enjoy it.

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