Lilifoo Story

the story behind lilifoo

Hey! It’s Toni here and I’m the founder of lilifoo.

I’m a firm believer that the world doesn’t need more products — what it does need is better solutions to existing problems.

So I went looking. And what I found was lilifoo. It is a 5-in-1 vegetable cutter, which can shred, grind garlic, dice, slice, and cut waves.

AST HEALTHY & EASY MEALS, ideal for making perfect French cuts with any vegetables, insert for making tasty fries or healthy carrot snacks. you can decorate meals like a true chef or make the plates more fun for the kids, and with the Classic Slicer, chop onions or garlic in no time or prepare the best garden salads!

A dream find but the only problem was I couldn’t buy them in United States.

Thus began my mission to bring this product to United States. After many months I am happy to say the lilifoo vegetable cutter is now available to each and everyone of you who has felt the same pain. lilifoo is available online at and soon at selected retail stores.

So there you have it. My perfect solution to vegetable cut